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Brad Argent - Podcast 4
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Welcome to the June edition of the podcast.

This month, Ancestry’s Brad Argent has answered your questions on Outward Passenger Lists, newspaper resources online, polish records, member connect, family trees and Tasmania convict records.

Got a question for Brad? Simply post it on our Facebook page, use the Twitter hashtag #AskAncestryAU or submit via Tumblr.

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F Scott Fitzgerald spotted in 1920 Census

Great Gatsby author Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald was born on 24 September 1896 in Minnesota.

Here he is on the 1920 U.S. Census, aged 23, living with his parents Mary and Edward, sister Annabelle and servant Margaret.

His occupation in 1920? Author and writer. His first novel, This Side of Paradise was published a short time later in March 1920.

In the same year, Fitzgerald married novelist Zelda Sayre and their daughter Frances was born in October 1921. He went on to write 3 other novels including his most famous, The Great Gatsby.

F Scott Fitzgerald died on 21 December 1940. He is buried with wife Zelda in Maryland, the gravestone inscribed with the final sentence of The Great Gatsby - “So we beat on boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the wind”.

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Ancestry’s Brad has been working on researching the family history of Brisbane talk back radio host, Gary Clare. Last week Brad spoke with Gary to share his story on 4KQ.

Click on the link above to listen to a recording of the show.

Clip courtesy of 4KQ radio.

Brad Argent on Nightlife

Ancestry’s Brad Argent joined Tony Delroy on ABC’s Nightlife last week to talk about Great Gatsby family trees and the NSW Industrial School Registers, 1867-1925

Listen to Brad’s interview with Tony Delroy on the ABC Nightlife podcast website here.

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We hope you enjoyed our first family history podcast and thanks to everyone who submitted questions for our April edition.

This month, Ancestry’s Brad has answered your questions on convicts, immigration, Irish ancestry and more. 

Got a question for Brad? Simply post it on our Facebook page, use the Twitter hashtag #AskAncestryAU or submit via Tumblr.

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Thanks to everyone who submitted questions for our new family history podcast. We are pleased to introduce our first recording featuring Brad Argent, Ancestry’s Content Director.

Brad has answered your questions around researching Irish ancestry, immigration records, search tips, Member Connect, Canadian ancestry and more. 

Got a question for Brad? Simply post it on our Facebook page, use the Twitter hashtag #AskAncestryAU or submit via Tumblr.

150 years of the London Underground

This week marks 150 years of the London Underground. The first underground journey took place between Paddington and Farringdon on the Metropolitan Railway on 9th January 1863.

We found this old postcard of Piccadilly Station in our UK and Ireland Historical Postcards collection which is free to search online.


Elvis Presley

Happy birthday to Elvis Presley, born on this day, 8 January, in 1935 in Tupelo, Mississippi. Here he is on the 1940 US Census with parents Vernon Elvis and Gladys Love, aged 5.

Elvis went on to become one of the most popular musicians of the 20th century.

He married Pricilla Ann Beaulieu in Nevada in 1967 and had daughter Lisa Marie in 1968.They divorced in 1972, shown below in the California Divorce Index, 1966-1984.

Elvis died in 1977, aged 42.

Louisa Collins

On this day, 8 January, in 1889, Louisa Collins was hanged in Darlinghurst Gaol, the last woman to be hanged in NSW. Dubbed as “Lucretia Borgia of Botany”, Lucia poisoned her two husbands and son with rat poison. 

Here she is in the NSW, Gaol Description and Entrance Books, 1818-1930. Her height has been recorded as 5 foot 3 1/2 inches, with black hair and brown eyes.

Under the execution date, it is noted that His Honor the Chief Justice Darley said “I hold out a hope of mercy for you on earth”.

Mary Christmas

You may remember this time last year, we came across Santa Claus in the 1930 U.S. Census alongside his wife Mabel and 6 children.

This year, we have found Mary Christmas. A number of them in fact.

There is Mary Christmas, aged 39, on the NSW, Assisted Immigrant Passenger List, 1828-1896 with her husband Robert and 4 children including another Mary.

Then there is Mary Christmas, aged 59, from Hawthorn in Victoria who is listed in the Australian Electoral Rolls, 1903. Her occupation is shown as ‘home duties’ and she is living with Samuel Frederick Christmas, presumably her husband.

And it’s not just in Australia. Mary Christmas from Utah is shown on the 1940 U.S. Census. Kent born Mary Christmas can be found in the England and Wales, Birth Index in 1920 and Mary Christmas from Islington is included in the London Electoral Registers, 1832-1965.

Any seasonal names in your family tree? Let us know on our Facebook Wall.